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The North-Eastern Brazil at Ceará offers the country most spectacular beaches! When I was visiting my dear buddy, Gustavo Arruda in Fortaleza, Brazil, I took a day trip to visit this awesome and stunning beaches I ever been to:

Visit THREE beaches in ONE day at Ceará, Brazil!

  • Morro Branco
  • Praia das Fontes
  • Canoa Quebrada

Beautiful Brazilian Beach – Morro Branco

My guide picked me up from the city of Fortaleza, Brazil, and we drove through the outskirts via the countryside filled with palm trees, reddish rocks, tiny stucco buildings and beautiful sky.

Stop by to see the cute little handy craft sourvenir shops

As it was a long drive, I stop by at one of the little village for some cute little sourvenir galleria. Famous for it’s hand crafted artworks and is a perfect combination between rustic beauty and sophistication. It wasn’t a long journey drive after I arrived in the first stunning stop at Morro Branco beach.

Morro Branco Beach

Morro Branco is one of Ceara’s natural wonders. It was a beautiful day where sufers were out in the water, and I toured around the place with beautiful lighthouse and quaint little church.

Quaint Church at Morro Branco

Morro Branco Beach

Lighthouse at Morro Branco

Spectacular Scenery @ Morro Branco

There was a sandy trail from the top and lead down to the beach via a small little canyon!  (Reminds me of Grand Canyon) Along the trail, you may spot some cactus plants that doesn’t seems to be the same back home. The beautiful red rocks have an awesome contrast of colours against the dark blue ocean and clear blue sky.

Sandy Trail Leads To The Beach

Nice reddish rocks

Canyon @ Morro Branco

Canyon @ Morro Branco

With New Friend @ Morro Branco

Strolling at the Canyon @ Morro Branco

Cute Little Canyon @ Morro Branco

The end of the trail is the beach where dune buggies were waiting to take me to the next leg of adventures! 🙂

Beach of Morro Branco

Yay Buggy Ride

Beautiful Beach of Morro Branco

The buddy ride was AMAZINGLY fun! It was traveling at remarkably speed along the white beautiful sandy beach! Whizzing along the edge of the Atlantic ocean, clear beautiful sky and cool ocean breeze you through a spectacular beach experience!

Top Speed Buggy

Amazing Sight of Atlantic Ocean

Praia das Fontes Beach

It was like a magical ride and I arrived the magical wonders of Praia das Fonte shortly after, the home of the beautiful cliffs, caverns and waterfalls. I stop by in one of the cavern to take photo, as I wasn’t using a waterproof camera that time in Brazil, I didn’t snap a photo of the waterfall in the cavern! Damn! Anyway, some photos of the entrance to the cavern! haha

Entrance to the Cavern

Just outside the Cavern

Horse Carriage at the Brazilian Beach

Leaving the beautiful beach, I rode up into the hills, dunes, and past by many gigantic wind turbines. I can’t expressed how beautiful it was… the scene of the white big turbines matches the dark blue beautiful sky was AMAZING! I was told it’s a common feature along breeze Ceará coastline!

Gigantic White Turbines

After seeing all the beautiful coast and wind turbines sort of reminded me that I was hungry… So, the buddy stop by at a small cute little lagoon for lunch. YAY! You could relax and swim in the lagoon while enjoying cold beverages and hot food with nice tropical weather! 🙂

Buggy through the dunes

Buggy through the dunes

Buggy through the dunes

Chillax Lake for Lunch and Swim at the Lagoon

Food time

No chlorine at all! 🙂

After relaxing in a stunning secluded lagoon, I proceeded to the next breathtaking beach – The Canoa Quebrada beach!

Here I come Canoa Quebrada

Here I come Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada Beach

Canoa Quebrada is a hippy paradise I would say, in a enchanting village, situated on a red rocky cliff over-looking at the Atlantic ocean!

Overlooking Atlantic Ocean at Canoa Quebrada Restaurant

Canoa Quebrada Beach

Canoa Quebrada Logo

Canoa has a history of hippies community, a place where active people in Brazil’s subculture sought refuge from years of military dictatorship. The town has a main stretch of restaurants and shops. Due to the of language barrier, ordering vegetarian food was quite disastrous for me! Thankfully, a kind soul who speaks a little English assisted me through the tough food ordering process! haha Ended up, I had some fries but it was alright… because the Canoa Quebrada restaurant served really good tasty fries! Yum! 🙂

Canoa Quebrada Restaurant

Beautiful Canoa Quebrada Beach Restaurant

Amazing Fries at Canoa Quebrada Restaurant


People Watching by the Beach

Along the cliffs, there were many surfers and kite surfers floating over the edge of the cliff and ocean. It was really a very chillax place and I truly enjoyed the slow moving pace and serenity of Canoa Quebrada.

Windsurfing @ Canoa Quebrada

Windsurfing @ Canoa Quebrada

Chillax @ Canoa Quebrada

I heard from the locals that this area is very well-known shooting locations for several Brazilian’s movie and drama productions. I was simply mesmerised by the stunning Brazilian scenery.

Skibunda (Sandboarding)

After a short chillax at the beach and restaurant, the buddy ride took me to the western part of Canoa Quebrada, where there were small fresh water ponds and lagoon. You can’t simply end the day without trying out Skibunda in Brazil!

Fresh lagoon water

Skibunda Adventure


Beautiful fresh lagoon water in Canoa Quebrada

Skibunda @ Canoa Quebrada

Skibunda is one of a popular recreational activity among tourists! A place where you can slide down on a wooden plank slide ride from the top of the dunes (approx 100 meters high) and splash into the cold fresh waters in the beautiful lagoon!

Looking down from the steep skibunda slope (100 meters)

Getting excited at skibunda

Beautiful scenery before doing the skibunda

Skibunda slides

Fast Speed Actions

A Smile Before the Skibunda Slide

The skibunda was amazing, it was very fast and took only few seconds straight into the cold fresh water! After which, you don’t have to walk back up by yourself. They have a pulley cart ride that can take you back to the top!

Pulley Cart Ride


The very last part of the day was the visit to the pond at the Oasis, Canoa Quebrada for some “bathing” and chillax before heading back to Fortaleza. This place is just below the equatorial line, with no winter, cold or bad weather. Bless with beautiful coconut palms, cliffs and lagoons nested between the enormous sand dunes filled with the magnificent blue sky will definitely provide you an unforgettable satisfaction in Brazil! 🙂

The Oasis

The Oasis Lagoon

The Oasis Lagoon

The Oasis Food & Drinks Bar

Perhaps I miss my 5 monsters (4 nephews and niece) at home, I saw this Brazilian boy was such a sweet little one, so I took a photo with him. The funny part was nobody understood me, he and his parent can’t speak English at all… so throughout we were like playing charades and I kept saying “Orbigado” (Thank You).

With Cute Little Brazilian Boy

Largest Brown Sugar In The World

Before heading back, I stopped by to see the BIGGEST brown sugar in the world! To be honest, I thought that was kinda random because the biggest brown sugar was in the middle of nowhere, but it was pretty cool for me to see it before ending my awesome day at the Brazilian beaches, of course, with the GREAT taste of brown sugar! 🙂

Largest Brown Sugar In The World

Brown Sugar Bar

Largest Brown Sugar In The World

Rotas Do Sol

If you happen to be in Fortaleza, Brazil, and you wish to do what I did at the Brazilian beaches, you could contact my guide aka friend, Junior Dantas. He runs a travel company, Rotas Do Sol in Fortaleza, Brazil! 🙂


His travel company details as follow:

Company Name: ROTAS DO SOL

Address: Rua Aurelio Sampaio Numero 222 Altos Fortaleza, Ceara, Brasil

Travel Guide: Junior Dantas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rotasdosolturismoeviagens

“Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you traveled.” – Mohammed

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